söndag, maj 10, 2009

Color Create - week 15

Jag har gjort mitt första kort! För att få lite inspiration valde jag att följa en challenge - Color create. Veckans tema är blått och grönt, vilket jag tycker jag lyckades bra med :)

Papper: Digiscrap av Michelle Coleman, printat från http://www.littledreamerdesigns.com/

Kort: Panduro

Band: Min stash

Text: Printad från Mirabyll

Brads: Panduro

Bling: Panduro

I made my forst card! For inspiration I decided to follow a challenge - Color create. This week's theme is blue and green. I think I did a pretty good job :)

Paper: Digiscrap by Michelle Coleman, printed from http://www.littledreamerdesigns.com/

Card: Panduro

Ribbon: My stash

Notion: Printed from Mirabyll. The text around the circle says "friendship" and the text in the center says (freely translated) "Thanks for existing".

Brads: Panduro

Bling: Panduro

lördag, maj 09, 2009

Moving on...

I decided to stop updating this page, since I mostly write about my projects in my regular blog, Ullis dagar.

So, bye bye Chronicles of a crafting girl, and hello Ullis dagar :)

onsdag, oktober 15, 2008


Mitt nya beroende är scrapbooking. Var på kurs igår kväll och gjorde min första LO. Lite dåligt foto, men jag är jättenöjd med själva LO'n!


Efter ca 1½ år i träda har jag beslutat att göra ett nytt försök med min crafts-blogg. Vi får se hur det går, den kanske konkurreras ut av Ullis dagar.

Har en hel massa projekt på gång just nu - som vanligt. Försöker lista dem här ute i kanten, kan ju vara bra att få en översikt på det, känns så mycket bättre när man kan pricka av det man verkligen gör klart :)

Byter nu språk också till svenska eftersom jag för tillfället inte är inne på några internationella listor. Går lite snabbare att skriva och läsa på svenska, plus att mina eventuella nuvarande läsare nog är bättre på svenska.

torsdag, maj 17, 2007


Nu var det suuuperlängesen jag skrev nåt... Hade en rejäl svacka under hösten, men jag tog mig ur det helskinnad. Hann prducera en vansinnig massa sockor under den tiden, och en hel del smycken. Har givit bort elelr sålt det mesta, men bilder kommer senare på en del av alstren.

Just nu går den mesta tiden åt till att vårrusta båtar till kunder och att renovera lägenheten. Har 3 strykningar av botten på den sista båten, 1 lager primer o 2 lager färg, ska klaras av senast lördag. Har börjat skrapa o slipa luckorna till sovrums och hallgarderoberna. Har inte bestämt mig vilken färg dom ska bli än, men jag har köpt grundfärg så att jag kan förbereda så långt det går tills jag bestämt mig.

lördag, juni 10, 2006

Some updates

Tonight I have been making some updates to my FO's in the sidebar (yes, I actually do finish projects once in a while...).

I don't have a pic of the pair of finished Spring-y socks, but if you follow the lik ypu will see one of them, and his mate is almost exactly the same, give or take a row or two.

I finished the Glad Ragg socks a looong time ago, but they never made their way from the WIP list to the FO list. I must say it again, I really loved knitting these socks!

My current project is my second pair of socks in my own design! I'm knitting a kind of basket weaving pattern, k1p3 fro three rows, k two rows, and repeat. The pattern is on the leg, instep and top of the foot, the rest is stockinette. I bidded on and won a skein of Sockotta cotton blend on Ebay (my first Ebay auction) and just had to try it! The colors are rather pale and boring, but the result might by nice, I haven't decided yet... A pic will come when I have one, must take it during the day.

Testing mail-to-blogger

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onsdag, maj 31, 2006

Brokade genser update

You know the brokade genser in my WIP list? I handed it over to my MIL to finish it... I have worked on it for about 8 years and it's not coming together fast enough... MIL has a broken ankle and can't do much else but sit and knit, so I asked her if she could finish it for me and she agreed :)

I'll post a picture of her progress after the weekend, when I have visited them.


I'm sewing again!! For the last few days I have actually spent some time with my sewing machines, and you can see the result below!

Sunday night I finally gor around to making pillow covers for Camilla. She ordered them several months ago, but life got in between... And now they're finished! 5 plain beige covers for 28x28 inch pillows. No photo of them, they were too plain.

Monday night I sewed a pair of pyjama pants for my son, the first time I used a serger for elastic fabric! Earlier I have only sewed bags and pillows on the serger. I'm rellay pleased with the result, and the pattern worked great! I haven't tried them on him yet, but I'm sure they'll fit. I was so pleased with the result that I have bought a pale blue linen fabric to make him a pair of summer pants! Just need to wash the fabric first.

Tonight I made a small zippered pouch, I don't really know what to use it for, but it was nice to create something... The fabric is Moda, and the size is appr. 5x5 inches.

lördag, mars 25, 2006

Party party :)

Worked this morning, then we took the bus to Stockholm to visit Karna and Anders and their waffel party! The party has evolved beyond the waffels, via some red wine, into a full scale party! Lots of people, new and old friends and complete strangers. Linus finally fell asleep and we tucked him in on a pile of blankets on the host's bedroom floor. It'll be interesting to see how he'll handle sleeping around a lot of people!

No crafting today, but last night I made a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings for Karna, she had her birthday yesterday :) She was happy with her gifts :) Feels really good when your friends appreciate handmade gifts!

Was at my LYS today looking for yarn for a hat for me. It'll be a beanie and I want it black with plum stripes to match the Deep Purple- Smoke on the water mittens. But no plum yarn in the entire LYS!! I'll try to locate som here in Stockholm tomorrow, or I'll just order some online.

Got my Ribbed spring-y socks knitting in the bag, but am a bit hesitant whether to take it out or not. The party perople might think I'm a real geek or they may be offended (you never know what make people upset...). Well well, DH and Anders are playing cards, so I might just take it out and sit and watch them :)

All for now. No pictures today.