onsdag, januari 11, 2006

Surfer girl

Woke up this morning with some stomach illness :( That automatically leads to a surfing day :) When you feel under, there is nothing better to do than random surfing. Start at page you like (or dislike) and just click away. You can find weird and wonderful things!

My pic today is one of a handbag. I downloaded the pic somewhere on the net to keep for inspiration. Now I don't remember where or who designed it, but please let me know if you recognize it! I just love the simpleness of this bag! I sometimes think I'm creatively impared... So simple but just so great!

Found a nice webshop today. Annelito creates the most wonderful broches and rings!

Also found Abigail A. Percy, a very talented girl that creates outstanding jewlery!

Both links found at Camilla's.


Blogger Abigail said...

Hi Ullis...thanks for posting the link to my blog, really glad to hear you like my jewellery! :)

3:48 em  
Blogger Ullis said...

Hi Abigail! You're most welcome! Your work is outstanding!

11:03 em  

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