fredag, januari 20, 2006

A is for Almost Amish

My first ABC-along posting is kind of late, but here it is! Almost Amish by RJR Fabrics is my favourite series of quilt fabrics. The colors are quite dark, yet a little faded. The motifs are subtle or tone-on-tone. Beige, taupe, old rose, burgundy, dark gold... Yummie! Sadly, they are a few years old and quite hard to find. Lucky me have some left :)
The pics show two make up bags I made from these fabrics.


Blogger Leslie Shelor said...

Charming A. The bags are lovely!

3:44 em  
Blogger Ullis said...

Thanx! I have about 5 more in the pipeline :)

3:47 em  
Anonymous Anonym said...

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