tisdag, januari 17, 2006

Opal socks II

I'm back from my mom's and the Opal socks are finished! It took me a total of two years to get them done, I'm not used to knitting with such thin yarn... My first finished UFO in 2006, the year of the UFOs.

From the left over yarn I'm making wrist warmers in a spiral pattern. It's fast and fun!

I'm in an internet swap group, the Santas embroidery stocking swap. We swap all sorts of embroidered or sewn objects, and for Valentine we're swapping kitchen towels. I recieved my swap pal yesterday, and it was just the person I was hoping for! Tomorrow I'll embroider her towel so I can send it out on friday (to South Africa!).

We are four girls from the swap group that are having our own little towel swap, I'm sending two bath towel sets and one kitchen towel set, and will recieve the same. I have bought all the towels and are going to embroider them on thursday I think. Boy, it is fun to swap!

If you're into knitting, check out Knitty! Lots of great free patterns.

Trimming heaven!!!

Wouldn't you love to have these rosewood pins?!


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