torsdag, februari 09, 2006

Deep Purple mittens - Smoke on the water

Sunday I finally finished the Lovikka mittens I started last winter. I only had the embroidery and the tassels left. It's great to bring knitting projects to my inlaws, since my MiL watches and plays with Linus, I can sit and knit in peace :)

The mittens are made from a dark purple Lovvika yarn (really thick pure wool), dpn size 5 mm and black, grey and white embroidery yarn in pure wool. I think the name is quite cool! Deep Purple is kinda obvious, and Smoke on the water refers to the black/grey/white embroidery :)

The picture is taken in the sunshine and snow at my inlaws house.


Blogger Karyn said...

wow, these mittens are so pretty! i love the color, although i have to admit i thought lovikka mittens had to be white.

i made a couple of buttons for the olympics, even though you already found someone who made one. i sort of started already, so i think i'm disqualified! :(

9:29 em  
Blogger Ullis said...

Well, perhaps they DO have to be white to qualify as "authentic" Lovikka mittens or something. But the yarn is called Lovikka and you can get it in about 20 colors, so I guess these are Lovikka mittens anyway :)

8:24 fm  
Blogger Ullis said...

BTW, thanks! I forgot to say that in my last comment :)

11:17 em  
Anonymous Harry said...

I am visiting the wonderful city of Stockholm Sweden. The nearest Metro is at Maria Torget. I am intested in learning a few new knitting stiches and I have brought some knitting needles, crocheting hooks and acessories from Chicago, my home.

Am I able to pay for a class or two and learn new stich techniques in Stockholm? I am here till March 24, 2006.

Thank you-


Harry B. Jaeger

12:38 em  

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