söndag, februari 12, 2006

Linus' sweater

Another finished project. This is a sweater for my son. I knitted it for a size 1 year, but it's just perfect for him now at 9 months! It's really good I didn't make it smaller!

It's knit with Raggi from Järbo garn on 4.5 mm bamboo pins. The pattern is more or less my own. I looked at a pattern for a cabled sweater in Raggi for the number of stitches and decreases, but winged the rest.

I finished knitting it a while ago, and my mom just finished sewing it together (yes I know, I'm really spoilt :) )

Now that I see the picture, a pattern appears on the front of the sweater. It looks very nice, but it's totally unintendend! The yarn is multicolored, but I thought it was randomly!


Blogger sussry said...

Ibland är det svårt att veta vilken storlek man ska sticka. Brukar oftast själv välja en större.
Tröjan är jättefin och dinson kommer bli så tuff i den.

Vill du vara med i Svenska stickringen?
Gå in på svenskastick.blogspot.com för mer info.

10:50 fm  

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