fredag, januari 13, 2006

Opal socks

Just a short post today, I'm off to mom and dad's for the weekend. DH is helping dad renovating our boat house.
I'm taking one of my knitting UFO's with me. It's socks in Opal yarn, that stuff that patterns itself. One down, one half to go... Iv'e worked on them for about two years, and I think they are too small :( Well well, maybe sis can have them...
Pattern from Markno design.

I'm also bringing my Lovikka mittens UFO. I began those last winter when I was pregnant, but Linus came in the way of finishing them. All that's left is weaving in the loose ends and embroidering the zig-zag pattern on the cuffs. Perhaps there will be a photo after the weekend :)


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