måndag, januari 30, 2006

All the way to Ikea and back

We didn't go to my inlaws over the weekend. They had gone to DH's sister, and we ha forgotten to ask if they were gonna be home... Thus, no knitting this weekend. Or, not much knitting. I knitted on the hateful fuzzy scarf all the way to Ikea and half the way home. Still a lot of yarn left :(

The trip to Ikea was good though! We bought a new storing system for two of our closets. We don't have many things that should be hanging, but lots of stuff that fints nicely into drawers :) Yesterday I spent a lot of time assembling 4 pieces of Antonio - the wire drawer rack, and it acctualy involved a hammer and no screws! I cleaned out the two closets and put the racks in there, sorted my, DH's and DS's stuff and put it in the drawers. A day well spent!

I also found two very nice teacups that will eventually become "sewing stations", a place where you keep the sewing notions you use every day. I will post pictures when they are finished.

In the same building as Ikea there is a Panduro store (craft and hobby products), and they are about to close, so they had a 25% sale on everything! I bought some beads, metal rings, brass snap-hooks and large safety pins. I just love Panduro!


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