fredag, januari 27, 2006

B is for Boxes

Posting #2 for the ABC-along. Boxes. I love boxes! I love to sort and store stuff in boxes. All the boxes below contains crafting stuff. DH thinks I have to many of them, but I can't help it, I must have more!! Some might say I'm obsessed... I have the same feelings for binders, card indexes and other accessories for sorting :)

These boxes are for quilting stuff, I have six of them. They contain fabrics, batting and other stuff. In the background you can see the Singer sewing machine my sister and her boyfriend gave me. They found it in the scrap yard and I'm renovating it. Don't know yet if I'll keep it or sell it. Don't have a Singer, so I might keep it...

These beautifully blue boxes is where I keep some of my ongoing projects. There is one for knitting, one for crocheing, one for my lifetime hexagon quilt and one for embroidery. The knitting one is the most frequently opened at the moment.

And these boxes holds just about everything! One is for current projects and contains my Lovikka mittens, my Bronwyn Hayes embroideries (for a quilt) and some beads. The others contains things like invoices, tapes and MD's, silly teenage memorabilia, computer cords and much more (have about 15 of these boxes...)

Tomorrow I'm going to IKEA, and there's a good chance I'm picking up some new boxes so I can bring my yarn stash up from the basement :)

There is one more box that I just love, but that one will get a separate posting :)


Blogger Leslie Shelor said...

Great and useful "B"!

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