måndag, januari 23, 2006

Recieved bath towel swap

Today (or last friday acctually, but I picked it up today) I recieved the first of the bath towel swap packages! It was from Barb E, and it was sooo wonderful! She is so considerate!

I recieved a white towel embroidered with blue flowers + matching wash cloth, a pink towel, cotton blossom body lotion (it smells sooo nice!), Dove mini soap and lotion and Dove chocolates.

She had also made a parcel for Linus! He recieved a red towel embroidered with motifs of a black cartoon cat (I think it might be Oscar? + the water soluble needs to be washed out), a blue whale to have in the bath, a mini slinky, a Nascar carshaped tin with chocolates, a bag of Lion King Gummi Bugs (with squishy centers!) and one of those compact towels that grow when you put them in hot water.

Thank you so much Barb! I really love everything you sent me and Linus! He immediately started chewing on the whale, and that is a good grade :) I just love swapping with you!


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