fredag, januari 20, 2006


I just read about the stashalong in I'm knitting as fast as I can's blog. Sadly, I missed the sign up date by about 3 weeks, but I guess I could tag along anyways :) So, I'm doing my own mini stashalong... I have not bought any new yarn yet this year, so I have not broken the rules yet. The stashalong lasts 'til March 31, and for the two months one week that is left my goals are:

* To finish the Opal wrist warmers
* To finish my Lovikka mittens
* To begin and finish Julia's sweater (size 1 year)
* To begin Linus' woolen sweater (size 1 year)
* To begin a shawl from my one-of-a-kind hand dyed skein of pure wool

I think these goals are quite reasonable, and if I run out of projects, I can always raid my basement stash...

For Linus' sweater I will be needing more yarn since I'm knitting one size bigger that I planned to, but I can order that after March 31 :) Ohohoh, I just had a great idea! If my mom bought the missing yarn and gave it to me as a gift, then I wouldn't be breaking the rules, would I?!

Now, back to the embroidery machine, I'm making kitchen and bath towels today!


Blogger Fingers said...

Hey, nice bag down there!

12:42 em  
Blogger Ullis said...

Thanks, but I didn't make it, I found it somewhere on the Internet and saved the pic for inspiration. And it's sure inspiring!!

7:45 em  

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