lördag, februari 25, 2006

Knitting Olympics - I did it!!

Tonight I finished my sock for the Knitting Olympics! I did it!! I won a gold medal!!

My challenging project was to knit one sock during the Olympics. "One sock?", you might say. "I can knit one sock in an afternoon!!". Well, I probably could too, if I could sit and just knit the entire day...

This was a real challenge for me because:

  • I have never knitted in english before, so I had to learn.
  • I have only knitted lace on a very easy scarf before, and this sock has lace on the leg.
  • The pattern calls for beads, and I hade never knitted with beads before.
  • My son got sick just before the Olympics, and still is, so I haven't had much time to knit.

But I did it! The knitting in english part was easy, I found a knitting terms glossary on the net, but the pattern was quite easy so I never needed it. The lace was also quite easy, I was fun and fast to knit. The beads. Well the beads didn't work out very well, since I didn't really know how to knit them. So I frogged the sock and started over without the beads (they were optional).

The pattern I used was february's sock from the SixSox KAL Yahoo group, called Glad Ragg. The yarn I used is Regia 4 fädig col# 2137, a greyish blue, and I used 3 mm dpn's.


Anonymous Agneta said...

Hej Ullis!
Blir en svensk kommentar - först - krya på er!!!! Sen - vilken gullig socka!! Slutligen - älskar hur du skrivit - "I have never knitted in English before ..." Jag förstår förstås vad du menar men det här blev lite kul! =O)

9:34 fm  

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