söndag, februari 12, 2006

Knitting Olympics has begun!

The opening ceremonies was held friday night local time in Sweden. I was really excited to cast on for my Glad Ragg Socks, but unfortunately my son had(has) a cold, so I ended up with a sleepy Linus in my lap instead of a knitting. Quite cozy :)

So, saturday night I began threading 260 rocaille beads on my sock yarn. The beads I bought are one size to small, but I didn't think it would matter that much. But it does. A lot. The beads are quite tight on the yarn, but I can still move them, so thy'll have to do.

I also had some difficulties when I was knitting the beads, since I didn't really know where on the purl stitch the beads are supposed to sit. After trying a few ways of knitting them, I placed the beads on the purl bump, because then they will show the most!

This is how much I have knitted this far


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