torsdag, februari 09, 2006

Knitting along...

Since I finished the Lovikka mittens on Sunday, I immediately threw myself into the next project. It is a really nice woolen sweater for Linus, knit from a natural colored one strand yarn, the color varies from white to medium grey, on size 3.5 mm needles. I had already knitted about 3 inches on this one, but had to frog it and cast on for a larger size. Children apparently grow!?

I began knitting on regular needles, but switched to a circular since I was bringing the project on the bus, and it fits much easier in my small backpack :) I knitted all Sunday night, the whole bus rides to and from Stockholm, half the car rides to and from Västerås, and during an episode of CSI last night. So far I have a little over 8 inches, and I need 4 more for the back. The pattern is really beautiful in it's simpicity, *k2 p1* repeat on all rows, ie you make a k voer a k, a k over a p and a p over a p. Picture will come soon.

However, I will put this one aside tomorrow and concentrate on the beaded lace sock for the olympics :)


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