onsdag, mars 15, 2006


3-5 March it was Syfestival in Sollentuna, and as usual I spent an obscene amount of money on crafts...

It was me, mom, sis and gradma who set out for the festival. First we were dealyed due to an accident on the highway, then it snowed extremely much which slowed us down a bit...

We strolled around for a few hours and then we had lunch. After lunch the serious shopping begun! I bought:
  • 8 skeins of worsted weight yarn for 4 pairs of socks for DH
  • 4 skeins of OnLine Supersocke 100 in different colorways for 4 pairs of socks for me
  • 2 skeins of really fine dark red wool, for a shawl I think
  • 1 skein of natural wool to complete Linus' sweater
  • 1 skein of natural wool for a hat for me
  • A bag full of beads
  • Bamboo needles and dpns
  • Inox ciculars
  • Row counter
  • A gadget to put on your index finger to keep your threads organized when working stranded projects

Maybe it doesnt sound much, but it is! At least for me! My sis bought a really nice japanese book, I will post a pic when I borrow it from her.

When we were going home we couldn't find grandma... We looked everywhere and tried to call her cellphone, but no luck. After 30 minutes we found her sitting near the entrance waiting for us...


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