söndag, februari 26, 2006

My weekend

This weekend has been long and slow... The whole family is sick and none of us has the strength to do anything. DS has an eye infection, an infection of the respiratory passage and a general cold, and the doctor prescribed penicillin. DH has a sore throat and achy ears, and I think my cold has evolved into sinusitis...

Well, enough wining! As I wrote in my last post I finished my Knitting Olympic sock on time!
I also signed up for the Quilting Olympics, but I didn't make that one... I began sewing a knitting bag, and it's not much left to do, but I'm just not up for it tonight. I'll settle for one gold medal :) I'll see if I can't finish it tomorrow.

I have also read a lot of blogs. I guess I'm kind of a voyeur, but I really like following other peoples lives, reading about what they do, how they fell, what their inspirations are and what they create! I also eagerly read whip up evry day, it gives me so much inspiration and so many new ideas!! I just wish the whip up team could give us a tip about how to find more time :)

I have begun my second Glad Ragg sock, but it doesn't have do be done until 31 march, so there is plenty of time! I guess I'll work on some other projects in between, as ususal.


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