fredag, mars 24, 2006

Weekly update

My once daily blog has become more weekly. Not really intentional, but because of the usual lack of time due to parenting, accepting too many embroidery/sewing jobs and an urge to acctualy create something for myself...

My self striping OnLine socks are growing, I just turned the heel of the second one, and the gussed decreases will go really fast since they are the most fun of the whole sock! I just love the way the k2t's and s1,k1,psso looks and how nicely they form a triangular shape! I even thought of a name for the socks, the Ribbed Spring-y socks!

Yesterday I took a dive into the ocean of beads! I made my first necklaces and a bracelet, and I will definitely be doing this again!! I gave one of the necklaces to Nette, as it matches the earrings I gave har earlier. The other one, and the bracelet, I made for my mom, who celebrates her birthday tomorrow.

Thats all for now, I have to work too :) I might not post tomorrow, sice we are invited to a waffel party at Karna and Anders'!


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