fredag, mars 17, 2006

E is for embroidery

I like embroidery. All kinds of embroidery. Both by hand and by machine. I have tried redwork, cross stitch, freehand embroidery and following drawed lines. And I recently bought a new embroidery machine, a Husqvarna Viking Designer SE, which is totally amazing! I used to have a Janome MC 300E, but I never really got along with it, so I sold it.

I mostly machine embroider towels for customers, as my creative time is somewhat non existing due to motherhood. But sometimes I get to make a pillow, a bag or a table cloth. I often download free embroideries from the Internet, but I'm becoming more and more picky, so I'm not downloading as much as I did when I bought my first machine.

One favourite embroidery site is Artistic Threadworks, their embroideries are cartoony and just sooo cute. With a membership you can download thousands of emboideries of good quality. Another favourite is Zundt designs, who are specialized in lace, and boy are they good at it!! I never bought anything from them, but I will, believe me... Soooo beautiful, I'm thinking of using some of them for my wedding gown!

In this photo you can see my beloved Designer SE and some multicolor redwork hand embroideries I'm making for a country quilt, patterns from Bronwyn Hayes.


Blogger Leslie Shelor said...

Nice "E"! Looks like some fun designs.

7:21 em  

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