måndag, januari 30, 2006

Books are allowed

Since I have my own little Stashalong going, I can't buy any more yarn or fabric 'til 1 April. But books are still allowed! Therefore I have done some shopping...

First, I found Lucy Neatby's Cool socks, Warm feet at a good price at Amazon.de, so I ordered it. I placed the order Wednesday, and I recieved the book today! Thats what I call fast! I have browsed through the book and I like the models, although they are only six :( On the other hand the book teaches you how to create your own socks. It explains different kinds of cast-ons, toes, heels and general sock knowledge, and my aim is to read the book and try all the different heels and toes. Who knows, I might just learn something :)

I also found (read about them in Saartje's blog) two Estonian books called Kirikindad I & II - Patterned mittens. They are of special interest to me since my gransmother is from Estonia, and I'm really looking forward to getting them! Btw, kindad means mitten in Estonian :)


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