onsdag, februari 01, 2006

Journal Quilts

Early in January I found out about Journal Quilts, a friend wrote about it on a mailing list. I'd like to make the same approach to Journal Quilts as the woman in the link above, to explore new techniques, to mirror what happens in my everyday life, to sum up what I have learned and what could have been done diffrently.

And now it is already February, and I haven't made one yet... I guess what I really learned during January was how to blog, and how to find other people's (crafters') blogs. That might be quite hard to interpret in fabric... Maybe I'll have a go at it and make the first one a bit late. I still want them to be 12 in the end of this year!

Perhaps January's journal could be made using the new presserfeet I've got in the shop, and using some of the fabric I got in the Monthly scrapbag I subscribe to. Will think more about it in the morning...


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