lördag, mars 25, 2006

Party party :)

Worked this morning, then we took the bus to Stockholm to visit Karna and Anders and their waffel party! The party has evolved beyond the waffels, via some red wine, into a full scale party! Lots of people, new and old friends and complete strangers. Linus finally fell asleep and we tucked him in on a pile of blankets on the host's bedroom floor. It'll be interesting to see how he'll handle sleeping around a lot of people!

No crafting today, but last night I made a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings for Karna, she had her birthday yesterday :) She was happy with her gifts :) Feels really good when your friends appreciate handmade gifts!

Was at my LYS today looking for yarn for a hat for me. It'll be a beanie and I want it black with plum stripes to match the Deep Purple- Smoke on the water mittens. But no plum yarn in the entire LYS!! I'll try to locate som here in Stockholm tomorrow, or I'll just order some online.

Got my Ribbed spring-y socks knitting in the bag, but am a bit hesitant whether to take it out or not. The party perople might think I'm a real geek or they may be offended (you never know what make people upset...). Well well, DH and Anders are playing cards, so I might just take it out and sit and watch them :)

All for now. No pictures today.


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