lördag, juni 10, 2006

Some updates

Tonight I have been making some updates to my FO's in the sidebar (yes, I actually do finish projects once in a while...).

I don't have a pic of the pair of finished Spring-y socks, but if you follow the lik ypu will see one of them, and his mate is almost exactly the same, give or take a row or two.

I finished the Glad Ragg socks a looong time ago, but they never made their way from the WIP list to the FO list. I must say it again, I really loved knitting these socks!

My current project is my second pair of socks in my own design! I'm knitting a kind of basket weaving pattern, k1p3 fro three rows, k two rows, and repeat. The pattern is on the leg, instep and top of the foot, the rest is stockinette. I bidded on and won a skein of Sockotta cotton blend on Ebay (my first Ebay auction) and just had to try it! The colors are rather pale and boring, but the result might by nice, I haven't decided yet... A pic will come when I have one, must take it during the day.


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