söndag, januari 22, 2006

Lost in time

Today I made a disturbing discovery. I haven't used my calendar/organizer since the middle of OCTOBER!!! The plastic thingie that marks the week was still in october... This led to another discovery, I don't even have new calendar sheets for this year, it ends in the beginning of january!

This is a personal catastrophy! My calendar is usually scribbled full with meetings, appointments, reminders and ideas, but since october it is empty. Is this what life as a mom is? No time at all for me? I guess that it's ok when I think about it, after all, Linus is the most important thing in my life!

I love my organizer! It is a golden cognac brown leather Filofax, pocket size, and it has kind of a western/equestrian theme going on with the marked seams. I bought it last summer (2004) at the bookstore in Ronneby where I used to work. It cost me a fortune, about $100. But as my friend Iopop put it: I will use it for at least 10 years (I did with my last one), and that will only be $10 per year :)

Well, tomorrow I'm going to the stationer's (where I also used to work) and getting a refill for it, and perhaps some nice colored note papers too, to make up for lost time...


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