söndag, januari 22, 2006


I found this tablecloth in my drawer. It has been my paternal grandmother's, and I rescued it when we went through her things after she passed away. I don't think it has ever been used, it has that stiff new feel to it. And it still smells like grandma... I love the fabric and would like to use it for a bag or two, but just I can't cut it up. The tablecloth is for a round table and mine is rectangular, so I can't even use it for what it was intended for. Any hints on how to deal with these sentimental feelings so I can use the fabric? Maybe if I found some more of her old stuff?

The colors are actually this red, the darker areas are not black but dark brown. I love the combination of orange, tomato red and fuchsia.


Anonymous ekgc@hotmail.com said...

Fold the tablecloth to look like a bag. Do you love it? If you do, then cut up the tablecloth and get over to the sewing machine. Everytime you look at the bag or use the bag you will think of your grandma. I'm sure she would rather you enjoy the cloth than have it hidden away in the closet.

4:35 em  
Blogger Ullis said...

Thanks for the tip!

7:24 em  

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