tisdag, januari 31, 2006

Joined Team Sweden

Now I have officialy joined Team Sweden for the Knitting Olympics! I've been fiddling to get the button to show in my sidebar, and after some days of work, I finally did it!! Marika made the nice button, kudos!

Tonight I made a pair of pearl and bead ear rings for a friend that goes back on maternity leave tomorrow! She has worked over the holidays, and now she's gonna stay at home with her first child until the second one is due in July. It is so exciting, a new baby on the way! Of course, I'm making a quilt for the baby when it arrives (I might even sew it before the arrival, if I get to know the sex of the baby).
Anyhow, I think she deserves a gift. First day off + exactly nine months since the birth of her daughter + she is just a great friend! *waving to Nette* I'll post a pic when I have given the ear rings to her, don't wanna spoil the surprise :)

Did some 4 inches on the fuzzy scarf watching Desperate Housewives and Joey. To much yarn left...

Both my boys are asleep now (DH + DS), and I'm joining them now since it's darn close to midnight...


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